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The Temple of Lilith

I am Mistress Lilith and that is how you shall address Me. I am a mischievous and sensual Alpha Woman whose style of domination favours tease and erotic sadism. I am a lifestyle and Professional Dominatrix whose curiosity for BDSM and attraction to power play led Me to begin my practice as a ProDomme two years ago when I lived in Melbourne. Since then, I have continually sought to expand my learning horizons, deepen my knowledge, and refine my skills with the intention to bring meaning to every scene and connection I share. I am an educated woman who is both tertiary qualified and fluent in three languages. I was born in Montreal to Bulgarian parents and had the privilege to travel around the world from a very young age. Travelling opened My mind’s eye to the myriad of ways of living and the infinite possibilities life can offer. It also offered Me opportunities to face difficult times and adversities such as living outside of my comfort zone and starting my life from nothing but a visa. I have been trained in Melbourne by Lady Anne O Nomis, renowned Dominatrix and author, and by Mistress Renée Trevi in New York City. I am forever seeking to challenge Myself as I continue to grow both professionally and personally.

From a young age I have known that I was destined for something great and that this greatness would not manifest within the mold of today’s cultural and societal norms and ideals. My journey into the exploration of kink began eight years ago when I realized that I was inclined to an authentic enjoyment of power exchange and role play. These formative experiences in kinky play took root within Me and have informed my passion and curiosity for BDSM and Female Domination. 

As an intersectional feminist, I believe that our experiences as women are influenced and informed by other identity categories such as race and class. Existing within the sphere of a patriarchal agenda, I appreciate FemDom as a means of exploring and relishing in the power of the female being – appreciating the strength and resilience of women all over the world. I believe in a sisterhood. I love meeting other fierce and fearless Dommes and sharing sadistic tendencies all the while we dismantle the patriarchy, one man at a time.


My pleasure is your sole purpose. I luxuriate in being worshipped, spoiled, served and treated like the Queen I am. Tributes and gifts are the best way to demonstrate your adoration of Me and to get My attention. Contributing to the building of my Queendom will be your main aspiration. I do not like brats nor arrogant submissives that believe they can get what they want simply because they pay. I am selective with who I see and as such, you will need to stand out to have the privilege of being in My presence. Remember, you are serving Me and therefore seeking My praise. My wishes are your commands. After all, true submission resides in giving up control.

I am an advocate of Female Domination and Gynarchy. I intend to teach men to know their place; beneath Me. However, I expect you to extend such respect to all women. I believe in the superiority of women as a whole, so your behaviour has to contribute to the wellbeing of all of us. Remember that in spite of the titles of Mistress, Goddess, or such, there is an actual Woman behind the persona, and She is naturally superior to any man. So your courtesy and good manners are expected at all times. 

How to please Me

 BDSM has been kept in the shadows for aeons. I believe that it is through exploring and embracing the Shadow side of ourselves that we find true Transformation and Healing.

My practice as a Dominatrix involves several varied and holistic elements. Specifically, I draw upon mindfulness to guide you in exploring the realms of your consciousness and the expression of your deepest, darkest desires in a healthy, safe and playful manner. My power is both tantalizing and reverent from my awareness of, and respect for, my boundaries. I know Myself and I channel the various parts of Myself that permit Me to be the fierce Goddess I am. One who has mastered the art of seduction and revels in luring you with My grace and elegance. I have a fondness for tease and torture, whether it is mental or physical. Exploring the intersection of pain and pleasure is something that keeps play exciting to Me. I am strict with My rules but also innately nurturing and understanding. I aim to bring out the best in My subs so that they may reach their full potential. To Me, men are only at their best when they meet the standards that women have always had.


In my enticing presence you will feel safe to explore your wildest fantasies and face your innermost desires while I intoxicate you with the power and supremacy of my Womanhood and divine femininity. Submit to Me and I will help you to uncover your true perverted self through your BDSM journey of self-exploration. I will challenge you both physically and psychologically as you (re)discover and embrace your kinks, fetishes and fantasies, reaching a space of deeper self-acceptance. 

 Our time spent together will be a blissful escape from your ordinary life. I am exhilarated by opulence, power, and the sheer sight of a man on his knees squirming under my spell. Witnessing My enjoyment from tormenting you will bring you to a level of ecstasy you have not yet experienced. I will break your ego and rebuild you to be the most disciplined and dutiful, yet brave and depraved slave you can be – someone worthy of a place in My life. Through my careful guidance you will feel empowered in your submission to Me and drift into the delightful sub-space you have always sought.


Once you enter My world... you will not want to leave.

My Practice